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Our goal is to make Paycheck simply the best Payroll System and HRIS System available for the Philippines.

Paycheck - Integrated HRIS and Payroll System

Employees are the lifeblood of any company. They can make a company great, but they can also cause its downfall. Managing your employees and making sure that their payroll is calculated accurately and processed on time are critical tasks that all companies are faced with. But at the same time, you want to do this easily and effectively, so that you can focus on the other aspects of running your business.

Paycheck is a fully-integrated Payroll System and HRIS / HRMS (Human Resource Management Information System) Software System Solution that manages your company's employees and payroll computation processing. Designed primarily for use by companies operating in the Philippines, it can be used with RFID cards and/or biometric fingerprint authentication to facilitate employee time-entries and eliminate fraud. Paycheck can be your HR and Accounting department's best friend, as it will help you manage your HR functions and payroll processing.

Paycheck HRIS Payroll System - Fully integrated.

The Paycheck HRIS and Payroll System is a fully integrated software solution. By being fully integrated, you do not need to worry about procuring or using different standalone systems that will prohibit your different departments from working as a single unit.

What is Paycheck? As an integrated system, Paycheck can be classified as any of the following:

  • Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Software
  • Payroll System Software
  • Employee Management System Software
  • Employee Time-Tracking System Software
  • Attendance Management System
  • Leave Management System
  • Employee Performance Management System
  • Human Resource Information System (HRIS Software)

What are the advantages of Paycheck?

Since data is centrally stored and can be accessed when necessary by each department, the double-entry of data is eliminated, which in turn minimizes human errors. Time and Attendance and Payroll are also calculated automatically, which prevents miscalculations and imprecise amounts.
Paycheck Philippine Payroll System and HRIS will store and organize your transactional data efficiently. Employee records, payroll records, HR records, loan records, attendance records can be easily located and retrieved at a click of a button.
Different departments (like HR ,Accounting and Operations) can work more cohesively together and perform as a single unit, since HR and Payroll data is easily accessible and can be retrieved in real-time.
Paycheck Philippine Payroll System and HRIS was designed to be very easy to use, but also flexible enough for power users.
The Paycheck Philippine Payroll System and HRIS System Software can generate all types of reports that can help you monitor and analyze your company's payroll expenses, time and attendance, and employee management. Reports can be previewed on the screen, printed out, or be saved as an electronic file.
The Paycheck Philippine Payroll System and HRIS System Software can be deployed to a few computers for small companies, or to entire departments for large enterprises with thousands of employees. It can grow with you as your company grows.
The system administrator has complete control on each user's access. For example, an encoder might be able to enter employee profiles, but only a manager can view reports. Someone from HR might be given access to entering employee profile data, only the manager can access sensitive salary information. While operations might have access to updating employee work schedules and can approve overtime, only Accounting can actually generate the payroll.

Paycheck HRIS Payroll System Modules

Employee Management

Manage employee records with ease. Store each employee's biodata. Be aware of ending contracts, regularization, expiring documents. Generate various employee list reports.

Employee Self-Service Portal

Allow employees to login and view their schedule; apply for overtime, official business, undertime, change of schedule; online payslips; leave applciation; loan applciation, etc.


Track training schedules, attendees, ratings, and cost. Plan the training program per employee.

Memo Writer

Compose simple memo-templates using the memo writer. Useful for creating templates that are frequently issued to different employees.

Employee Document Management

Define what types of documents you want to track; attach scanned documents to an employee's profile.

Medical Information Module

Paycheck Philippine Payroll System and HRIS System Software lets you manage the medical information of your employees. Track the answers to medical exams; log vaccine surveys; record drug test results; log accidents; sss advances, etc.

Performance Appraisal

Define various competencies per position; assign and track performance appraisals.


Define the types of violations you want to track, and track the details and count for each employee offense.

Manage Employee Schedules

Manage fixed or shifting work schedules; setup various shifts; schedule official business or time-off; follow different working hours per day.

Time and Attendance Management

Process time-logs or time-entries from various sources. Automatically calculate overtime, tardiness, undertime, absences. Generate various attendance reports. Monitor employee attendance.

Leave Management

Define and manage your leave benefits, leave credits and leave schedule.

Loans and Deductions Management

Define company loans and miscellaneous deductions; prioritize loan payments; track loan balances.

Compensation and Benefits

Paycheck Philippine Payroll System and HRIS Software System lets you define the salary rate, allowances and deductions of each employee. Define which amounts are taxable or tax-exempt.

Employee Payroll Module

The Employee Payroll Module handles the computation of payroll. This will be automated based on the attendance records. Generate various payroll reports, print or email payslips, compute for 13th month pay or final pay, etc.

Government Reporting Module

Generate the necessary files and reports for BIR, SSS, Philhealth and PAGIBIG. Eliminate manual encoding and preparation of reports.

Manpower Planning Module

The Manpower Planning Module of the Paycheck Payroll System and HRIS System Software lets you plan your company headcount for the entire year. With this, you can also budget your payroll-related expenses per month.

Paycheck is your fully integrated HRIS and Payroll System


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